05/07/2015 11:10 EDT | Updated 05/07/2016 05:59 EDT

Penticton nudists sued over access to Three Mile Beach

A property owner in Penticton, B.C. has filed a lawsuit against several nudists, claiming they trespassed onto his property.

The lawsuit is the latest chapter in an ongoing dispute between landowner Cary Pinkowski and nudists at Three Mile Beach.

The lawsuit names six people, whom he's suing for damages. Pinkowski says they trespassed onto his property, and one stole a security camera. 

He is seeking an injunction banning the nudists from coming within 300 meters of his land. 

Penticton resident Ken Shaw is one of six people who have been named in the lawsuit. 

He says he found out he was named in the lawsuit when he saw it in the local newspaper, and says he hasn't been served legal papers.

"And I thought well, that's awful interesting," said Shaw. "And, well, bring it on!"

Shaw is baffled as to why he has been named in the lawsuit.

"I have only been down there twice," said Shaw. "That was on the secluded beach that is still public, because it is below the high water mark."

Cary Pinkowski wasn't available for an interview, and his lawyer refused to comment.