05/08/2015 10:02 EDT | Updated 05/08/2016 05:59 EDT

Luc Désy, Montreal fire investigator, charged with fraud in UPAC investigation

A fire investigator with the Montreal Fire department has been arrested by UPAC for allegedly falsifying documents to secure a larger insurance pay out.

Luc Désy is accused of abuse of confidence, fraud, corruption and fabrication and use of false documents and conspiracy.

UPAC investigators allege that Désy, along with two construction entrepreneurs, falsified an investigation report after a residential fire to claim more insurance compensation.

The aim was to secure a lucrative renovation contract, investigators alleged. The incident happened in late 2013. 

Désy and the two entrepreneurs, Phillip Galasso and Pietro Galasso, were arrested Friday morning.

Galasso is charged with abuse of confidence and conspiracy. Glasso faces the same charges and an additional charge of bribing an official.