05/12/2015 10:06 EDT | Updated 05/12/2016 05:59 EDT

More cyclists on streets of Vancouver, new city report shows

More cyclists are taking to the streets of Vancouver, according to a new report presented to City Council on Tuesday. 

In total, 99,000 cyclists got out and about city-wide in 2014, up from 83,000 in 2013. The report also found there were 20 per cent more bike trips through Vancouver from 2013 to 2014. 

Ivana Peko changed gears just over a year ago because she says biking helps to get her into shape and it's more convenient than taking public transportation. 

"I don't use the bus anymore, I just bike," she said. "Buses are really expensive and all you have to do is pay once for a bike and you have it forever."

Still, she admits cycling in the city can be a little scary at times. 

"Other cyclists don't listen to the rules and tend to run into you...which has happened a few times. So I'll be stopping at a stop sign and they won't," she said.

The report also noted that pedestrian traffic is up four per cent since 2008.

According to the report, half of all trips in the city are made on foot, public transit and bike, while motor vehicle traffic accounted for the other half.