05/12/2015 12:53 EDT | Updated 05/12/2016 05:59 EDT

Quebec to launch sweeping review of daycare safety following 'nightmarish' sex crime case

Quebec family minister Francine Charbonneau has ordered a review of safety rules for all daycares in the province and an internal investigation following a CBC-Radio-Canada investigation of a Pierrefonds daycare where a four-year-old girl was the victim of a sex crime.

Charbonneau called the story "nightmarish", and said she has asked the local coordinating office responsible for that daycare to shut it down temporarily while the investigation takes place.

Daycare operator negligent

Danny Carroll and Jennifer van Rantwyk told Radio-Canada the story of how their four year-old daughter was the victim of a sex crime last October while at the daycare.

A 13-year-old visitor to the daycare eventually pleaded guilty to charges of gross indecency.

The incident happened in the basement of the daycare while the daycare operator was upstairs preparing a meal.

The couple complained to the local coordinating office, which eventually concluded the daycare operator was negligent.

But the daycare was allowed to remain open, and the parents of other children at the daycare were not told about the incident.

'Extremely troubling': minister

Charbonneau said at the National Assembly on Tuesday that she found the report "extremely troubling".

"I have asked to ministry to launch an internal investigation to review the entire process, starting with the parents' complaint," Charbonneau said.

Charbonneau said she had also requested that the daycare in question be temporarily closed while the investigation proceeds.

And she said it's time to review safety rules for all daycares in Quebec.

"We have to review all of our rules to reassure ourselves that every day there is no parent who is worried about leaving their child at a daycare," Charbonneau said.