05/15/2015 03:31 EDT | Updated 05/15/2016 05:59 EDT

Vancouver shows U2 the love on Twitter

You'd have to have been living under a rock to have missed the U2 frenzy that hit Vancouver this week. The Irish supergroup kicked off their new tour in the city Thursday, and fans took to Twitter in force.

- There was tension at YVR for some who had flown in close to the wire

- Others made sure if they got lost, no one would be in doubt where they needed to be

- It was the United Nations of U2 fans out there

- And some obviously believe Bono's talents could be exploited for other purposes

- At last, at last...Inside at last

- Even one recent mayoral candidatejoined in the fun

- Some were captivated by the cool visual fx

- While some were more excited by Bono's new do

- Though others were old enough to remember an earlier walk on the blonder side