05/16/2015 02:38 EDT | Updated 05/16/2016 05:59 EDT

Sherbrooke bacon festival proves you can put bacon in everything

Bacon bloody Caesar, bacon-avocado-chocolate mousse, bacon-wrapped chicken, seafood casserole featuring bacon — this weekend Sherbrooke's bacon festival is all about that well-loved cured meat.

Quebec cooking star Bob le Chef spoke to All In a Weekend on Saturday about this weekend's bacon festival in Sherbrooke, Que.

People venturing to the Eastern Townships to sample the bacon offerings will be greeted by live music, cooking workshops, bacon-infused crafts, a family-friendly atmosphere and of course, many purveyors of the salty treat that has inspired countless T-shirts the world over.

"Bacon is the extreme of cured meats, basically," said Bob le Chef. "Some people say it's not healthy for you, but I think if you have a sensible diet I think you can go all out and have a little excess." 

For those who do not eat bacon, a vegetarian version will be on offer as well.

Bob le Chef says he'll be going all out this weekend.

"The diet starts Monday... maybe Tuesday 'cause it's a long weekend," he said.