05/17/2015 07:44 EDT | Updated 05/17/2016 05:59 EDT

Team Canada wins Gold, 10 reasons hockey is Canada's

Team Canada won gold today at the International Ice Hockey Federation Championship in a 6-1 blow out against fellow hockey super power Russia.

To celebrate we decided to give you 10 signs Canada owns Hockey!

1. We start them young.

2. We "play" hockey in a variety of ways.

3. We have the perfect climate for it.

4. We put our money on it. Actually...vice versa.

5. We are the only country that would notice this.

6. Our four legged friends are die hard fans.

7. We practice lifting the Stanley Cup over our heads in the off-season.

8. The NHL is full of us!

9. We are really good at it!

10. We are really, really confident that it belongs to us.

Why else do you think hockey is Canada's game? Let us know in the comments.