05/20/2015 09:49 EDT | Updated 05/20/2016 05:59 EDT

Moncton RCMP memorial proposals unveiled

The wives of the three New Brunswick RCMP officers murdered in Moncton last June attended a public presentation showing the five short-listed concepts for a permanent artistic memorial to the men.

The RCMP officers killed on June 4, 2014 were:

- Const. Douglas James Larche, 40, from Saint John.

- Const. Dave Joseph Ross, 32, from Victoriaville, Que.

- Const. Fabrice Georges Gevaudan, 45, originally from Boulogne-Billancourt, France.

The five proposals, with the first two from New Brunswick, are:

- Byers Harrison Studios (Darren Byers and Fred Harrison) from Wards Creek.

- Peter Powning from Markhamville.

- Morgan MacDonald from Newfoundland.

- Illarion Gallant from British Columbia.

- James C. Smith from Ontario. 

The ideas include a nine-metre-high obelisk, large silver maple leaves and different sculptures representing the three constables. 

Three of the five proposals include porch lights. People across Canada left their porch lights on in the days after the shootings as a tribute to the officers.

Peter Powning

"I've chose a single monument form. The ancient form of the iconic obelisk," said Powning.

"[If my idea is selected], the RCMP and the wives of the constables will collaborate with me determining what goes on a bronze relief area of the obelisk."

Illarion Gallant

Gallant, from Victoria, says his two-part concept is called Fallen Leaves.

"The main part is the three leaves. It has a time capsule below, which I hope will be filled by the community," he said. "The second piece is more of a monument. It talks about various aspects of the red serge."

Fred Harrison and Darren Byers

Harrison and Byers have planned three life-sized figures of the Mounties emerging from three spires.

"I want the people to feel compassion for people who try to do what they feel is right," said Harrison. "They depict events in these [officers'] lives."

Morgan MacDonald

MacDonald's idea includes statues of the three officers in a circle, facing outwards, with their backs to a porch light.

"My vision was to have the three men back-to-back, but also to have a central community light that made reference to the social media happenings that occurred during that time."

James C. Smith

One of the larger proposals came from Smith, of Madoc.

"Basically the proposal is to create three paths that arc toward a central raised feature that has three granite obelisks that carry bronze plaques, and at the entrance to each pathway is a gateway that has information about the philosophy and the spirit of the RCMP."

The site for the memorial will be along the riverfront behind the Press Club in Moncton. A selection committee will meet with the artists Thursday, and a final decision will be made on the anniversary of the shootings, on June 4.

Two officers were also wounded in the same shootings that killed the three Mounties. They are:

- Const. Éric Stéphane J. Dubois.

- Const. Marie Darlene Goguen.