05/22/2015 07:21 EDT | Updated 05/22/2016 05:59 EDT

CIUSSS Centre-Ouest backs off plan to cut seniors' services

About two weeks after CBC News Montreal first reported that a seniors' day centre and other services were being drastically cut in Montreal's west end, the head of the new health agency for the region has suspended that plan.

"Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg, President and Director-General of the CIUSSS du Centre-Ouest, has requested all of the partner establishments to suspend the implementation of any planned changes. This includes changes to the drop-in program of the Caregiver Support Centre at the CSSS Cavendish," said a statement that was released Friday evening.

The plan was to cut CLSC services that included home visits to isolated seniors, counselling for caregivers and daytime activities for seniors. Most of the services offered were free or affordable.

A drop-in centre at the Cavendish Mall that allowed seniors to come by for daily activities was also slated to close for good at the end of May.

The cuts were to come in the wake of Bill 10 being adopted at the National Assembly in February. The new law abolishes the boards of individual health institutions, mainly hospitals, and merges them into 28 regional boards.

With a new management team in place, the CIUSSS Centre-Ouest says it will hold off on making any cuts until a review is carried out.

"This request was issued to enable the PDG (President-Director General) and the newly installed senior management team to conduct a thorough review of changes that were planned before Bill 10 was passed and after it took effect," the statement said.