05/25/2015 10:59 EDT | Updated 05/25/2016 05:59 EDT

Grouse Grind rangers to keep an eye on hikers

Hikers on the North Vancouver's Grouse Grind will now be under the watchful eye of two rangers, but officials say they won't be policing the route.

The two rangers have been hired by Metro Vancouver to help people in need, according to spokesperson Bob Cavill.

"Just make people aware of being prepared, being hydrated, wearing proper footwear, that type of thing and helping them out in terms of what's required in terms of a good healthy hike up the grind."

Cavill says this is a trial run and will last for one year.

The rangers are on the job already, but they're just waiting for their official uniforms to arrive.

"Sometimes we may split them up, and other times they will be working together".

The Grind hasn't had rangers before, but North Shore Rescue has carried out sweeps at the end of every hiking day to make sure no one is lost.

Cavill says there is no intention for the Rangers to police the Grind.

"We hope what we can do with them being there is to reduce any potential for illness or injury."