05/29/2015 06:10 EDT | Updated 05/29/2016 05:59 EDT

Benjamin Levin sentenced to 3 years in prison for child porn-related offences

A man who once was deputy education minister in Ontario and Manitoba was sentenced Friday to three years in prison for three child-porn related offences. 

Benjamin Levin, 63, was handed a sentence of six months for possession of child porn, 12 months for making child porn and 18 months for counselling to commit child sex abuse. 

The court heard throughout his trial that Levin used to frequent an online website with numerous chatrooms for the discussion of sexual activities.

Among the people he chatted with were an undercover officer in Toronto, one in London, Ont., and one in New Zealand — all posing as women interested in sexual activities with children.

Levin was arrested in July 2013 when a search warrant was executed at his home. He was a university professor at the time.