05/29/2015 07:27 EDT | Updated 05/29/2016 05:59 EDT

Bigger breasts behind Brandie Bloor's defrauding of B.C. senior

A B.C. woman who paid for breast implants, a tummy tuck and liposuction through a loan secured using an 83-year-old man's stolen ID has pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud over $5000, and two counts of identity theft.

Kamloops provincial court heard that in 2013, Brandie Bloor used the senior's stolen driver's licence, telling loan company Crelogix that he was her grandfather, in order to secure financing for elective plastic surgeries.

The deception came to light when the senior received a letter from Crelogix chasing him for arrears, Crown counsel Kate Bouchard told CBC News.

When he called the company and explained that not only was he not Bloor's grandfather, he didn't know her at all, Crelogix told the senior to call the police.

Initially, Bouchard says, Bloor denied any knowledge of the loan application and the surgeries, and police thought she had also been the victim of fraud.

But after they interviewed the doctor who performed the surgeries, police returned to interview Bloor, asking to see her navel, where a distinctive rose tattoo matched the doctor's description.

Bouchard says that at that point, Bloor admitted to the surgeries, but told police the senior involved had given her permission to use him as a loan guarantor.

"She said she met him when she was an escort and he was a client," Bouchard told CBC news. But the senior was able to show police his driver's licence had been stolen in 2010, and Bloor admitted her deceit.

Bouchard says Bloor has a criminal record including three prior fraud convictions, 13 prior forgeries and three counts of impersonation.

Crown has recommended Bloor serve a nine to 12-month jail term, followed by two years of probation, and make full restitution.

Sentencing is expected to take place after June 15.