05/30/2015 06:32 EDT | Updated 05/30/2016 05:59 EDT

Native Vancouver Pharmacy's closure ordered due to mice, rats, mould and dirt

The Native Vancouver Pharmacy at 50 East Hastings St. has been ordered closed after investigators reported finding rodent fecal matter, no hot running water, mould, serious structural deficiencies and dirt.

The College of Pharmacists said the conditions it uncovered posed a serious public and patient health risk and included:

- Fecal matter from mice and rats on the floor as well as other surfaces

- Mould on the floors, walls, and food containers inside the dispensary

- Cockroach bait traps and mouse traps in various locations in the dispensary

- No hot running water

- Food, sugar, and coffee left open in the dispensary accessible to rodents

- Lighting too dim to practice pharmacy effectively

- Potential structural issues with the interior improvements to the building

- A general environment that was dirty, dilapidated, disorganized and not appropriate for patient care.

Anar Dossa, the chair of the college's board said in a statement that he was "appalled," and ordered the closure effective June 12 to give patients enough time to find alternate pharmacies and to obtain new prescriptions.

Despite its name, the College said the Native Vancouver Pharmacy is not associated with the First Nations Health Authority or Vancouver Native Health Services located nearby.

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