06/02/2015 02:11 EDT | Updated 06/02/2016 05:59 EDT

Victim dies after apparent stabbing at Kelvin High School

One person is dead and another is in police custody after an apparent stabbing on school grounds at Kelvin High School on Tuesday afternoon.

Kelvin and St. Mary's Academy, a private girls' school across the street, were immediately put in lock down after the incident around 12:30 p.m., which meant no one could enter or leave the schools.

The area around Kelvin, at Stafford Street and Kingsway, was surrounded by emergency vehicles Tuesday afternoon, and according to students at the scene, a Kelvin student had been stabbed.

Earlier in the day, Winnipeg police said one person had been taken to hospital with serious injuries and another was in custody after a "possible stabbing."

At 5:30 p.m., Winnipeg School Division Chair Mark Wasyliw confirmed the victim had died but would not say if the person was a student.

Wasyliw said the alteraction happened in an area where many people could see what was happening.

"We sent counsellors to the school to help the students deal with this. Some of the students would have witnessed the altercation and [would] obviously be traumatized by it," said Wasyliw.

Meliha Sedik, a Grade 11 student at Kelvin, said it was a chaotic scene in front of the school around noon.

"I just saw a fight – just two guys run past me, just started fighting each other," said Sedik. "Confusion – that's how everyone felt."

Evan Friesen, a Grade 11 student at the school, said he was inside Kelvin when the school went into lockdown and saw teachers giving CPR to the victim, who was lying on the ground outside.

"I saw lots of teachers trying to help — keeping the situation very calm," said Friesen. "It's pretty shocking. Not a typical day at Kelvin, not at all. It's a very nice school."

Radean Carter, spokeswoman for the Winnipeg School Division, released a statement Tuesday afternoon calling the altercation an "unfortunate incident" and said,"Kelvin High School staff immediately took steps to ensure the safety of students and 911 was called. The school was placed in a hold and secure situation. Police and ambulance arrived quickly. Police are continuing to investigate.

The hold and secure was lifted at just after 2:00 p.m. Letters are being sent home to parents today and Winnipeg School Division Clinical Support Services is on hand to support students and staff."

According to police, interviews are ongoing.