06/04/2015 07:38 EDT | Updated 06/04/2016 05:59 EDT

Pierre Karl Péladeau unfairly targeted in blind-trust opinion, PQ says

The Parti Québécois is trying to discredit the National Assembly's legal advisor Claude Bisson, who said a premier or cabinet minister who puts his shares in a blind trust cannot order they not be sold.

Bisson's legal opinion could affect new PQ leader Pierre Karl Péladeau, the majority shareholder of media giant Quebecor. 

"You say you're not targeting anyone with this hearing, but we're not dummies... you are targeting someone in particular," PQ house leader Stéphane Bedard said in a parliamentary hearing yesterday.

Bisson denied that's the case.

He said no minister or premier can order what can or cannot be done with shares without being in a conflict of interest.

The Liberals and the Coalition Avenir Québec say the PQ is wrong in criticizing Bisson's legal opinion and the legal advisor himself, who is a former chief judge of the Quebec court.