06/06/2015 04:01 EDT | Updated 06/06/2016 05:59 EDT

Warm dry summer prompting B.C. residents to find eco-friendly ways to keep grass green

A lush lawn has been a point of pride for homeowners since suburbia was invented, but with a warm dry summer forecast for B.C., some residents are turning to a more environmentally sound option to keep their grass green — it's called LawnLift.

It is an all natural, non-toxic biodegradable grass and mulch paint that is mixed with water then applied to your lawn using a garden pump sprayer.

"It's an eco-friendly way for a homeowner to have perfect and instant green grass without turning on their sprinklers," said Nicole Lundy, owner of LawnLift Canada. "Basically it's permanent until it grows out or is mowed off."

Lundy says the product is new to Canada but has been used for years in the United States on lawns, athletic fields and golf courses.

"I think the hotter the summers get and the dryer they get, people are turning to alternative methods," said Lundy.

It's been a busy start to the season with Lundy fielding calls from across Canada.

"I think it's because every province is becoming more aware of water conservation and...people are trying to avoid the sprinkler fines and find an alternative solution to keeping their grass green."

To hear the full interview with Nicole Lundy, listen to the audio labelled 'Green grass.'