06/07/2015 02:47 EDT | Updated 06/07/2016 05:59 EDT

Sula found nearly 2 weeks after owner passes out and loses her

It had been nearly two weeks since Sula went missing and Brenda Turner says she had nearly given up hope when she received an email on Friday that said, "I have Sula."

I was just in disbelief," said Turner. "I mean I hoped that I would get Sula back but just you know when two weeks pass, you lose a little bit of hope. But you know when the news came out, when it came on television you know, I was a little more hopeful."

Turner says she arranged to meet the woman who sent the email on Saturday at her workplace, paid a small reward and was finally reunited with her beloved pet, a 13-year-old female Shih Tzu/Maltese cross.

The woman and her husband told Turner Sula wandered into their yard in Ladner, May 29.

Three days earlier Turner had suffered a medical mishap while walking along the beach near the Tsawwassen ferry terminal and turned Sula over to a Good Samaritan for safekeeping just as she was blacking out.

The woman promised to contact the SPCA. Four days later Turner woke up in a hospital bed at Surrey Memorial and found she had suffered a sudden spike in her blood sugar likely due to some new medication she was taking.

Turner says because she was passing out at the time she handed over Sula, her vision was blurred and she never got a good look at the woman who took her dog.

It was the last time she'd see Sula for nearly two weeks despite launching a frantic search and social media campaign.

Sula's rescuer told Turner her and her husband were watching the news when they saw pictures of Sula and realized the dog they had found in their yard was Turner's pet.

"Her husband has grown quite attached to Sula so he's very sad to see her go and he said keep in touch and let us know how Sula's doing," said Turner.

"I texted the groomer first thing because Sula's quite dirty."

During her ordeal Turner says she received thousands of calls and she's grateful to everyone who tried to help ... especially the organization, Helping Lost Pets, which assisted with her publicity campaign.

"These people are great people.They're fantastic. Most of them are volunteers," she said. "They don't do it for the money. They do it to reunite families."