06/09/2015 05:30 EDT | Updated 06/09/2016 05:59 EDT

Montreal merchant angry after police raids during Grand Prix weekend

Partygoers celebrating Grand Prix weekend were not the only ones out at all hours of the night this weekend.

The Montreal police also had their hands full conducting a number of raids on bars and clubs according to one supper club owner.

Thierry Havitov, marketing director of Time Supper Club in downtown Montreal, said police raided his club not once, but three times over the Grand Prix weekend.

Havitov said the club has been the target of similar raids in the past, but never for three consecutive days.

"They do this every once and awhile, but never this often," said Havitov. "They knew we were going to be busy because of the Grand Prix but they still came."

Police raid during charity event

Havitov said his club was raided by 40 to 50 officers on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night.

Each of the nights had planned to have celebrities in attendance, including a number of NHL players, singer Joe Jonas, and reality TV celebrity Scott Disick.

Havitov said that on one of the nights that police visited, the club was fundraising for charity ONEXONE to support their "feed a child" campaign.

CBC Radio One's Daybreak will be speaking with Thierry Havitov at 7:15 a.m. about the weekend raids at Time Supper Club. Listen here.

Havitov said the officers asked partygoers for identification and never really detailed who or what they were looking for. He said that a couple of officers made light of the situation and found the time to take a selfie with PK Subban, who was in attendance one of the nights.

$30K in unpaid tabs

Havitov said that when police arrived to raid the club many patrons slipped out, leaving Havitov with about $30,000 in unpaid tabs.

Havitov said he understands that they may have felt scared or worried about the heavy police presence and did not wait around to find their waitress.

"We're a nightlife city and places like Time have put Montreal on the map internationally," said Havitov. "What kind of a reputation will the city have if someone goes out and they're in a police raid?"

Anti-gang unit

Sergeant Laurent Gingras,a spokesman for the Montreal police, confirmed that a number of bars and clubs were visited by Eclipse, the police's anti-gang unit, this weekend.

Gingras said that when there are large events in town, the unit increases the amount of visits they make to bars and clubs.

"During these activities you may have the presence of street gang members or people linked to organized crime," said Gingras. "We check capacity, ask people present for identification and check for minors."

Gingras added that they sometimes act on information which may indicate that a known gang member is at an establishment. He said that following the visits made to Time Supper Club, no arrests were made and no fines were issued.