06/17/2015 03:17 EDT | Updated 06/17/2016 05:59 EDT

BC Hydro sues Vancouver landlord over refusing smart meters

BC Hydro is seeking a court injunction against an "aggressive" property manager and landlord who it claims have blocked tenants in two Vancouver buildings from getting smart meters for more than a year.

Hydro employees have been trying since November 2013 to install 100 smart meters in two buildings owned by Rockmill Myers' company Puppy Holdings and managed by Miro Jackanin, according to the notice of civil claim.

Tenants have requested smart meters, and people using the old meters are charged extra each month, the claim states.

But Jackanin has repeatedly refused access to installation crews, and in March 2014 he parked a vehicle in front of the meter room at 1869 Comox St., the claim alleges.

Later that day, when the BC Hydro employees moved on to another property he manages on West 13th Ave., he "conducted himself in an aggressive manner ... stating he would 'get even' with BC Hydro," the claim states.

BC Hydro argues it has the right and obligation to install the smart meters, and the landlord or property manager can't override the tenant's choice.

"BC Hydro has also suffered and continues to suffer a loss of goodwill from its customers as a result of the failed attempts at installation," the claim states.

Manager says meters make rooms unrentable: claim

According to BC Hydro, Jackanin wrote to the crown corporation in August 2014 asking for compensation for the loss of rental revenue that would come after smart meters were installed.

"Smart meters would render rooms adjacent to the meter room unsuitable for habitation due to excessive microwave radiation," said Jackanin in a letter, according to BC Hydro.

According to the court document, Jackanin has told BC Hydro he was acting as a representative of Puppy Holdings, owned by Myers.

Myers' wife has told BC Hydro he is in a nursing home, and "not in a frame of mind to understand the problem."

BC Hydro is asking for a court injunction to prevent anyone from stopping the smart meter installation, and unspecified damages.

A statement of defence has not yet been filed.

Read BC Hydro's notice of civil claim