06/18/2015 11:18 EDT | Updated 06/18/2016 05:59 EDT

Fringe show about musician Deadmau5 gets some unexpected publicity

Deadmau5, the world-famous Toronto electronic musician, has settled a legal dispute with a Toronto Fringe musical in his honour after its creators added a disclaimer that the show is a parody.

Deadmouse: The Musical is set to run during the Toronto Fringe Festival, with the first show July 3 at Al Green Theatre.

The musician, whose real name is Joel Zimmerman, issued a cease and desist to the producers of the musical, claiming the use of the name Deadmouse infringes, confuses and capitalizes his trademarked name.

He said the independent stage production was an example of "how not to be creative."

As he has done in other cases, Zimmerman posted his cease and desist letter on his Twitter account. He has been in legal tussles over his name with Disney.

The production says it is inspired by Deadmau5 and describes itself as "a musical about a mouse who wants to be a house DJ but is discriminated against for being a mouse." It purposely misspells the musician's name.

'They REALLY went about this the wrong way'

Other characters in the musical also have cheekily misspelled dance musicians' names, such as David Goudda for musician David Guetta and Avicheese for the musician Avicii.

"While I appreciate their intent, they REALLY went about this the wrong way and don't fully understand how this diminishes certain endeavours," said Zimmerman on Twitter.

The situation appears resolved as producers of Deadmouse the Musical added the following disclaimer:

"Just so there's no confusion Deadmouse the Musical is not written by Deadmau5 or endorsed by Deadmau5. It is a parody. It was written out of love of house music culture."

Zimmerman signalled on Twitter he was fine with the disclaimer and considers the matter closed.

In the meantime, the legal dust-up with the locally produced, independent musical has been featured on music websites all over the world and was briefly trending on social media.