06/18/2015 02:30 EDT | Updated 06/18/2016 05:59 EDT

Jurassic World reviewed by 9-year-old amateur paleontologist

Nine-year-old Elliot Seah knows so much about dinosaurs, he literally wrote the book on them. 

The Grade 5 student (he skipped two grades) from Marguerite Bourgeoys Elementary School will become a published author this fall when Éditions MultiMondes prints his dinosaur book aimed at young children. 

That's not the only prehistoric milestone in Seah's life.

While he wasn't around to watch T-Rex cross the big screen in the 1993 release of Jurassic Park, he finally got to see the PG-13 Jurassic World with his dad last weekend.

Here's his review:

​The dinosaurs were mighty, but weird

Jurassic World's star is Indominus Rex, a hybrid dinosaur created by combining DNA from the Tyrannosaurus, the Velociraptor, and several other dinosaurs and creatures, including a tree frog. 

"It doesn't makes so much sense, fusing animals and dinosaurs together. It would have been better to have just animals or dinosaurs. If not, it's going to make a weirdo mix," said Seah. 

The movie was full of happy mistakes

"I found a lot of errors, but some made the movie better," said Seah.

"The Mosasaurus was five times its size. I thought 'Oh, come on, that's going to be really bad,' but it actually made the movie better, because it helped at one point."

Violence kept it from a 5-star rating

"I would give [Jurassic World] a 4 out of 5 stars, because the violent parts didn't do much for the movie. For example, soldiers were trying to kill Indominus Rex, but it killed them first," says Seah, who adds that the film may be too scary for younger children. 

Dino-digging summer ahead

Seah is off to British Columbia next week to play the cello in the national finals of a music competition and after that, it's off to the Dinosaur Provincial Park in Drumheller, Alta.

"We'll try to find some fossils. Eighty per cent of the site is reserved for paleontologists [but] I have a friend paleontologist in Calgary, so maybe he could take me to visit that."