06/26/2015 08:45 EDT | Updated 06/26/2016 05:59 EDT

Sun Peaks opens 1st mountain cross cart course in North America

On Friday, Sun Peaks Resorts opened its Mountain Cross Cart course. It's the first of its kind in North America — a race track where the only pedal drivers have is the brake. 

"It's essentially a gravity-fuelled go-kart," said Aidan Kelly, director of sales and marketing.

"You can get up around the 35 km/h range, which is pretty fast when you consider some of the tight turns that we have within the course."

Mountain cross cart drivers race engine-less vehicles that resemble go-karts down a man-made track. The vehicles are equipped with disc brakes, four-point seat belts, roll bars and padded seats.

At Sun Peaks, drivers will use the brakes to control their speed as they race down the new track, which is 512 metre long and features a vertical descent of 52 metres.

"If you want more of an adrenaline-seeking run, then you just don't put your foot on the brake too often," said Kelly.

"It's all timed, so if you're coming up with friends and family, you can race against the clock and turn it into a bit of a competition."

The new mountain cross cart course is located on Sunbeam Run, next to the Platter Lift. It's open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. PT.

All participants must provide a valid driver's licence, and those under 19 will need a signed waiver from a parent or guardian. 

To hear more about the new course, listen to the audio labelled: Sun Peaks' Mountain Cross Carts course.