06/26/2015 09:12 EDT | Updated 06/26/2016 05:59 EDT

Vancouver Canadians sell out again thanks to baseball ads aimed at women

Even with a major 750-seat expansion to Nat Bailey Stadium, the Vancouver Canadians have sold out again, this time for Friday night's home opener against minor league defending champions, the Hillsboro Hops.

That's thanks in part to a marketing strategy that focuses specifically on women, said co-owner Jake Kerr in an interview with CBC's Gloria Macarenko.  

"We don't advertise in the sports pages anymore. We advertise in the women's section or on social media for women, because it's the moms who make the decisions on where families go," said Kerr.

"Our demographic is young families, and sure, baseball fans, but mainly people who want to come out for a pleasant afternoon on a nooner or in the evening with the kids."​

New family-centred fun

Regular attendees at Nat Bailey Stadium know that dancing groundskeepers, sushi races and theme nights often compete with the action on the field for fans' attention.

"We found out in exit polling eight years ago that 60 per cent of the people leaving the park didn't know who'd won. That gave us a clue," Kerr said.

One of this year's newest additions to the off-the-field entertainment is the "Hey y'all! Porch," which offers group space for 30 or more people, luxury seating, and an all-you-can-eat menu. 

Adults can now also enjoy the signature "Hey y'all!" drink: a southern iced tea with a shot of vodka, available in three different flavours.

"It's something that only our president Andy Dunn, a native of the state of Georgia, would have come across," joked Kerr.

Great talent on the field

Still, baseball fans won't be disappointed by the quality of the game being played at Nat Bailey Stadium, Kerr said.

"Fifty of our C's players have gone up to the Blue Jays, including half a dozen who are on the team right now," he said, noting the team roster is likely to change between now and the July 17 major league draft signing deadline.

"You're seeing kids who a year or two from now could well play in the majors."

To hear the full interview with Jake Kerr, listen to the audio labelled: Vancouver Canadians' home opener.