Rob Ford may return to Toronto city hall early

07/02/2015 12:33 EDT | Updated 07/02/2016 05:59 EDT
Councillor Rob Ford is eyeing up an early return to council, pending the results of an upcoming doctor's appointment.

Ford, 46, underwent major surgery on May 11 to remove a cancerous tumour in his abdomen. Before his operation Ford estimated he would be off work until at least September.

A Ford staffer said the former mayor and Etobicoke councillor is set to have a check-up today.

If the results are positive, Ford may be back at council soon.

Ford did return to council dressed in a red track suit in June to vote against John Tory's "hybrid" plan for the eastern Gardiner Expressway. Ford voted to keep the entire stretch of the Gardiner up, a motion that was overwhelmingly rejected by council.