07/06/2015 01:18 EDT | Updated 07/06/2016 05:59 EDT

Caroline St-Hilaire supported by French-language advocates

Some French-language advocacy groups are speaking out against English being spoken at the Longueuil City Council meetings.

They're supporting Longueuil Mayor Caroline St-Hilaire in her campaign to outlaw English at council meetings.

Two weeks ago, Councillor Robert Myles made his remarks to council in French first, followed by English. As a result, his speech was significantly longer than those of his French-only colleagues — which raised the ire of the Longueuil mayor.

St-Hilaire said on her Facebook page that speaking exclusively in French is a matter of respect and common sense, because 95 per cent of the population on Montreal's South Shore understand French.

Council not bilingual, groups insist

Now the Bloc Québécois and French-language advocacy groups Impératif Français and Mouvement Québécois Français are speaking out against the "bilingualism" of Quebec public institutions.

Jean-Paul Perrault, a spokesman for Impératif Français, says Myles is giving the impression that English is Quebec's other official language when he speaks it at council meetings.

"It seems to me that to actually reach the anglophone community, or the few anglophones who haven't yet learned French, then he should speak French," said Perrault of Myles.

But Myles, who has steadfastly said he'll continue to speak in both languages, reiterated that he'll continue to speak English at council meetings.

"I respect the French language. I respect the anglos at the same time," he said.

The next council meeting is tomorrow night.