07/06/2015 05:49 EDT | Updated 07/06/2016 05:59 EDT

Dramatic wedding photo captures stormy moment before Calgary downpour

As Owen Chan and Helen Knight gazed lovingly into each other's eyes on Saturday, it was the calm before the storm. 

A massive, summer, Calgary hail storm.

A mere sixty seconds after photographer Cassie Molyneux snapped the above wedding photo, the entire wedding party, including the bride and groom, were soaked.

The group raced as fast as they could towards their parked vehicles, but the ominous and epic storm clouds were faster. The bride was drenched in the torrential downpour as her wedding party tried to keep her dry with a single flimsy umbrella. There were only two umbrellas amongst the group and one had to be sacrificed to cover Molyneux's cameras.

"We all piled for cover," she wrote on Facebook, where she posted the photo to her page "Cassie's Camera." "We couldn't all help but laugh hysterically at what was happening."

Suit thrown in the dryer 

Other than the umbrella hiccup, the wedding party dutifully stepped up and got to drying and re-beautifying the newlyweds once they reached their car. 

The group stopped at the couple's home, luckily nearby, on the way to the reception that was starting in 30 minutes.

The groomsmen threw their suits in the dryer while Knight's hair was retouched and a blow dryer was used on her dress.

"The fact that they basically had buckets of water dumped on them on their wedding day and still came out smiling, happy and full of love just blew me away and I now love them even more!" Molyneux wrote.

They arrived looking just as gorgeous as they did before the downpour, just a little damper. 

And every cloud has a silver lining. Chan and Knight will forever have a truly awesome wedding photo.