07/07/2015 01:07 EDT | Updated 07/07/2016 05:59 EDT

What you can't bring to Pan Am Games venues

Frisbees, flags and canoes are just some of the 25 banned items that appear on a list issued by the event's organizers Tuesday.

Here's a list of some items not permitted inside the venues. They are subject to confiscation:

- Firearms

- Knives, pepper spray and noxious substances (kirpans excepted)

- Projectiles

- Martial arts equipment

- Chains, padlocks and other lock-on devices

- Explosives

- Flammable liquids or spray paint

- Illicit narcotics

- Glass bottles and cans (with the exception of empty personal aluminum water bottles and baby bottles)

- Banners, signs or materials displaying messages, slogans or images that advocate or could incite hatred, racism or violence; are sexually or violently graphic or deemed unsuitable for a family audience.

- Large bags including knapsacks, containers, coolers and ice chests. [not to exceed 9" x 5" x 11" (23 cm x 13 cm x 28 cm)]

- Outside food or beverage. (exceptions include baby formula, baby food and single-serving portions for those with dietary restrictions)

- Outside alcohol

Organizers say the following actions are restricted in venues:

- Unauthorized broadcasting, recording or transmitting any event taking place within a venue through the use of personal or professional devices such as smartphones, tablets and video cameras.

- Flash photography or the use of other lighting devices anywhere around the field of play.

- Ambush marketing of any kind including unauthorized commercial or promotional activities; attempting to distribute leaflets, pamphlets, non-approved publications, wearable items or premium giveaways; attempting to create an unauthorized brand affinity or presence; and unauthorized selling or possessing items with intent to sell.