07/08/2015 09:04 EDT | Updated 07/08/2016 05:59 EDT

Canucks president Trevor Linden apologizes for social media gaffs

Vancouver Canucks president Trevor Linden has apologized for two social media posts that sparked a backlash on Twitter. The two photos the hockey team posted to their 668,000 followers on Twitter were sent within three days of each other.

"Given the circumstances in our province right now and throughout the country, we admit that these were some poorly timed decisions on our behalf. On behalf of our club, I just want to say we apologize for that and we are truly sorry," he told the Early Edition's Rick Cluff. 

The Canucks first tweeted a photo of players building a camp-fire as a team building exercise despite the province being under a strict campfire ban. The team then tweeted out a photo on Wednesday of Canucks prospects using a water hose to knock down wooden pegs — at the same time much of B.C. faces water restrictions. This comes at a time when the province is going through its hottest, driest spell in more than a decade.

Fans were less than impressed with the tweet.