07/08/2015 11:12 EDT | Updated 07/08/2016 05:59 EDT

Team Canada at the Pan Am Games, by the numbers

Team Canada is bringing a huge team to the Pan Am Games that will also feature hundreds of Ontarians competing in their home province.

There are more Canadians at these games than any other competition in amateur sports. That includes all other Pan Am Games, both the summer and winter Olympics, Commonwealth Games and any other event.

Here's a look at the makeup of this year's team.


Total number of athletes: 720 (373 male, 347 female) (as of July 3, 2015)

Average age: 25.7

Median age: 24

Oldest athlete — male: Ian Millar (Equestrian — Jumping, DOB: 6 JAN 1947, 68 years old)

Oldest athlete — female: Susan Nattrass (Shooting, DOB: 5 NOV 1950, 64 years old)

Youngest athlete — male: David Mylnikov (Shooting, DOB: 13 MAY 1998, 17 years old), Kabir Dhillon is second youngest, also a Shooting athlete (DOB: 26 JAN 1998, 17 years old)

Youngest athlete — female: Alicia Coté (Table Tennis, DOB: 14 DEC 1999, 15 years old), Vanessa Panov (Gymnastics — Rhythmic) is a close second youngest (DOB: 26 NOV 1999, 15 years old)

Sets of Twins: 3

- Leirick and Leivin Chung (Karate)

- Katherine and Michelle Plouffe (Basketball — Women)

- Anjelika and Victoria Reznik (Gymnastics — Rhythmic)

Father/Son Athlete Combos: 2

- Terry McLaughlin (father), Evert McLaughlin (son) — Sailing (they come from an Olympic sailing family)

- Paul Shaw (father), Drew Shaw (son) — Shooting


Province Breakdown (some were not born in Canada):

Number of different countries from which athletes originate: 45

Top 5 sports with the most country of origin diversity:

- These five sports account for 49 per cent of the 45 different countries.


Previous flag bearers

- Adam van Koeverden (CanoeKayak — Sprint) in Beijing 2008 Opening Ceremonies and Athens 2004 Closing Ceremonies

- Karen Cockburn (Gymnastics — Trampoline) in Beijing 2008 Closing Ceremonies

- Susan Nattrass (Shooting) in Rio 2007 Pan Am Opening Ceremonies

- Nicolas Gill (now a Team Leader for Judo) in Athens 2004 Opening Ceremonies

- Jaret Llewellyn (Water Ski) in Santo Domingo 2003 Pan Am Opening Ceremonies

Number of Olympic Medals won by TO2015 Pan Am Athletes

Olympic Gold Medalists that are TO2015 Pan Am Athletes

- 2004 Athens: Adam van Koeverden

- 2008 Beijing: Eric Lamaze

- 2012 London: Rosie MacLennan

Number of TO2015 Pan Am Athletes who have attended previous Games

- By type of Games

- By Games