07/10/2015 03:40 EDT | Updated 07/10/2016 05:59 EDT

Hairspray musical in Stanley park opens July 10

Erin Walker is more than excited to be playing the inspirational role of Tracy Turnblad in Theatre Under the Stars' rendition of Hairspray.

Having acted since she was 11, the 26 year old from Comox Valley says her first lead role could not be more perfect for her.

"Hairspray has been one of my favourite plays ever since it first came out and I can't believe I get to be in it now finally," Walker told Stephen Quinn on The Early Edition this morning.

Despite the musical being around for over 25 years, Walker says the themes are still culturally relevant.

"There's so much you can take away from this play," she says.

"There's just the basic concepts of being bigger and being beautiful no matter what. It deals with racism ... It's really sad that we still have that in our world. Tracy is such a great positive person and so are most of the characters in the show, so it is really inspirational to take that away"

Theatre Under the Stars is also a unique working experience for the actors as well, says Walker.

"It's quite a different experience. It is pretty fun in act two once the sun goes down and all the mosquitos are flying into your mouth and you have to sort of spit them out during the middle of the song," says Walker.

You can catch Walker and the inevitable mosquitos every other night at Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park from July 10 to August 22.

Theatre Under the Stars, a Vancouver nonprofit, is celebrating its 75th year of outdoor entertainment. On alternating nights, they will be offering the classic, Oliver.