07/12/2015 04:15 EDT | Updated 07/12/2016 05:59 EDT

Tranquillized bear's fall from tree captured on camera

A bear found in a tree on a university campus in Boulder, Colo., had a big fall on Friday after officials tranquillized the animal to remove it safely.

The two-year-old bear was discovered in a tree at the University of Colorado Boulder, according to a post on the school's Facebook page.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife responded while local police and university officials insured students in the area were safe.

Wildlife officials set up mats at the base of the tree before tranquillizing the bear.

Eventually, the drowsy animal stumbled off the branch it was resting on and fell to the ground.

"The bear was unhurt," the university's post reads.

Some people online were concerned the bear seemed to have missed the mats. 

"He does land on the mat," the university said. 

A video posted on YouTube appears to show the bear falling onto the mat. However, it then bounces off and hits the ground, before raising its head and appearing groggy.

Officials loaded the animal into a trailer and plan to relocated it in nearby mountains.

In April 2012, another bear had a similar experience in Boulder. It earned a following with its own Facebook Fan page: Falling Bear.