07/13/2015 09:15 EDT | Updated 07/13/2016 05:59 EDT

Hudson residents want speed bumps after jogger hit

Neighbours on Hudson's Cambridge Street are asking the municipality to install speed bumps to improve the safety of the street after a 21-year-old was hit by a car while she was out jogging last month. 

Mark Aiken is part of a group of residents asking for three speed bumps to be built on the road leading to the Falcon Golf Club. The group submitted a petition to the town's council, which was receptive to the idea.

"As neighbours, we've talked about it. We said it could've been any of us," he said.

Tina Adams, 21, and a friend were jogging along Cambridge Street on in mid-June when they were struck by a car, which then hit a hydro pole and caught fire.

The driver of the vehicle, Jordan Taylor, was arrested and charged with 10 criminal counts, including criminal negligence and impaired driving.

Adams is still recovering in hospital.

Aiken said the town hasn't committed to building the speed bumps, but he said talks have been "positive."