07/14/2015 12:27 EDT | Updated 07/14/2015 12:59 EDT

Clown Contouring Is The Latest Beauty Technique For A Flawless Face

Just when we thought strobing was the new contouring -- this new beauty trend came along.

Introducing clown contouring, a new way to "extreme colour-correct, highlight and contour" for a flawless, sculpted face. Created by YouTuber user BellaDeLune (whose real name is Esther Isabel Amado Romo), the technique got its name as a response to trolls who called her a "clown" for her regular contoured makeup.

"Personally, I cannot tell you how many times I have been called a clown and many other names, and been hated on, because of the way I use this art form," Romo says in her video. "I just did this to show you what a real payasa [Spanish word for clown] looks like."

Using a series of colour correcters, highlighters, dark shades and blush, Esther expertly paints geometric shapes onto her face before blending to reveal the finished look. She even drew a little poop emoji on her forehead to symbolize how easily any "negativity" can be brushed or blended away (in this case, literally).

And she had a message for any makeup shamers watching the video: "Even though you don't need this amount of makeup or any makeup at all to feel or look beautiful, let's face it: makeup is fun, and it's a way of expressing yourself!"

Watch the video above to see BellaDeLune's clown contouring in action!

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