07/14/2015 03:14 EDT | Updated 07/14/2016 05:59 EDT

Police concerned about phone scam that targets Russian grandparents

Police are warning the public about a fraud scheme that they say targets seniors in the Russian community.

The police say they've received numerous fraud reports from seniors reporting phone scams. The scams reported bear similarities, say police.

- A senior receives a phone call from a person claiming to know or be their child or grandchild.

- The caller states there is some kind of trouble — usually an accident — and they require cash immediately. 

- The senior or grandparent is then spoken to by someone claiming to be a lawyer who demands a large cash payment, which they say will be collected later in the day by a man stopping by the seniors' residence.

Police are urging those who have grandparents in their family to make the seniors aware of the scam, and are urging anyone who has been a victim to contact police.