07/16/2015 11:43 EDT | Updated 07/16/2016 05:59 EDT

Crooked west end house on the market for nearly $700K

What does $689,000 get you in Toronto's housing market?

Apparently a crooked house on Shaw Street.

An extreme fixer-upper is for sale on the west end street.

It has a roof that dips, uneven front doors and a semi-detached house that slants way off to one side. But the cost remains in the upper edges of the real estate market.

"It's a funny house," says neighbour Fernado Taverniti, who lives across the street.

"I think that's the price of the lot not the house."

A major factor behind the sloping structure is the buried Garrison Creek that flows below. The underground creek causes problems for other homes in the area as well.

"Things are off-kilter," said Gundars Briedis, who has worked on the foundation of another home in the area. He says fixing the foundation is possible, but costly.

"You could easily look at $100,000 per house."

He says the way to go is a total tear down.

Taverniti says the selling features are the lot and the neighbourhood. The house is near parks, two subway stops, three grocery stores, a slew of bars and restaurants and bike lanes.

But as prospective buyers should be aware, Garrison Creek is also a neighbourhood fixture.