07/17/2015 08:38 EDT | Updated 07/17/2016 05:59 EDT

Debris slide slams Likely B.C. house, blocks road

A beaver dam breach in British Columbia's Cariboo region may have caused a destructive debris slide that sent a wall of logs, rocks and water into a lakeside home and blocked a road.

The slide, which occurred Thursday, originated on a lake atop a hill near Likely, B.C., which is about 100 kilometres northeast of William's Lake, said Al Richmond, the chairman of the Cariboo Regional District.

Green said a beaver dam is thought to have burst, sending 3,000 cubic metres of debris down a treed slope eventually slamming into a lakeside home.

"People love beavers but they can be destructive if they're not managed properly," Richmond said.

Slide isolates 14 homes

The debris also covered the rural road that connects the area  to Keithley Creek. Richmond said 14 homes are isolated by the slide and residents are using boats for transportation.

RCMP took footage of the debris.

No one was injured in the slide, but a couple that lives in the damaged house was forced to leave in a boat. The debris field is about 100-metres long. Richmond said it will take crews about four days to clear the road.

By Friday afternoon, water continued to run through the debris.

A Transportation Ministry specialist was on the scene to investigate the cause. The RCMP video shows a home that appears partially submerged by mud and debris. Richmond said it's not known how badly the house was damaged.