07/17/2015 05:37 EDT | Updated 07/17/2016 05:59 EDT

Nathon Kong wins CBC Media Pitch at the International Startup Festival

Nathon Kong's one-minute pitch at the International Startup Festival in Old Montreal won him first place in the CBC Media Pitch Competition.

His business is called Tailor 2 Go, a service where someone looking for a high-quality tailored suit never even has to leave office to get it.

Kong, a 31-year-old originally from Thailand, says he got the idea for his business when he came to Canada and graduated from university 10 years ago.

He spent six months looking for a white shirt that fit him properly.

"I spent $200 on alterations, and it still didn't fit me properly," Kong said.

He came up with the idea to have a solar-powered van, equipped with a 3D scanner, that comes to the customer's office.

"You step inside the truck you stand there and it takes five seconds — I have 450 measurements of the body, so the precision is really to the next level."

The client then chooses the fabric and style they want. The clothes are made in his mother's factory in Bangkok and the garment is delivered in the mail within two weeks.

Shirts range in price from $55 to $125. Suits start at $650.

Kong turned his business idea into a reality — he launched Tailor 2 Go two weeks ago.