07/19/2015 03:58 EDT | Updated 07/19/2016 05:59 EDT

Environment Canada's heat warning extends through Sunday in Toronto

Environment Canada's heat warning is still in effect Sunday afternoon as hot and humid conditions continue to make it a sticky weekend for residents.

Daytime highs are in the low 30s but humidity in the air is making it feel closer to 40 C. Expect the temperature to be slightly cooler along Lake Ontario. There's a risk of thunderstorms potentially occurring sometime this afternoon and early evening as a cold front makes its way into the city.

This evening is expected to bring an end to the extended heat that has blanketed Toronto for much of the weekend. Monday should be cooler and less humid.

Those particularly affected by the high temperatures include older adults, younger children and infants, people with chronic illnesses, those who work or exercise in the heat and those without access to air conditioning, including homeless people.

The public is urged to consume plenty of liquids to lower your chances of becoming dehydrated, and remember not to leave your children or pets in locked vehicles or in direct sunlight as this poses a real danger.