07/20/2015 10:12 EDT | Updated 07/20/2016 05:59 EDT

B.C. Fires: evacuation alert issued for Coldstream Creek wildfire

More than two dozens homes in the Thompson-Nicola region have been issued an evacuation alert as the Coldstream Creek wildfire continues to grow.

The fire is active between the villages of Logan Lake and Ashcroft. The BC Wildfire Service says it has grown to 600 hectares since being discovered this morning.

It was caused by lightening, just one of more than 1,200 strikes recorded by the service when thunderstorms passed through the region Sunday night. As a result the service has responded to 24 new wildfires.

In its latest update, the BC Wildfire Service says the Coldstream Creek fire is growing quickly and "exhibiting aggressive fire behaviour."

It also says that firefighters are hampered by hot, dry conditions and strong winds and fighting a fire that is not contained.

The region is asking people in the 28 properties under evacuation alert to gather all family members, essential items and be prepared to move out of the area if the fire becomes a further threat.