07/20/2015 06:03 EDT | Updated 07/20/2016 05:59 EDT

Weirdest Pan Am story of the day: Geese halt water skiing

Water skiers had to deal with a few unwanted spectators that got a little too close to the action Monday during the preliminary rounds at the Pan Am Games in Toronto.

A flock of geese took up residence on the water near the course at Ontario Place, and eventually got in the way of some of the riders.

The geese were not a problem during the women's slalom runs, but they started to cause trouble during the men's event.

One of the skiers, Felipe Miranda of Chile, had to restart his run due to a goose on the course that would not move out of the way. 

Despite the harrowing presence of water skiers being pulled at around 60 km/h, the geese would not give up their view of the action.