07/22/2015 08:35 EDT | Updated 07/22/2016 05:59 EDT

Lu Chan Khuong, suspended head of Quebec Bar, wants her job back

Lu Chan Khuong, the head of the Quebec Bar who was recently suspended, is heading to court to fight for her reinstatement.

Khuong filed a motion Wednesday asking the courts to quash the decision taken by the Quebec Bar's board of directors to suspend her.

On July 1, the board announced it had decided to suspend Khuong because of allegations that she was involved in a shoplifting incident last year in Laval.

She allegedly stole two pairs of jeans worth $455.

Khuong, who was never charged, said the situation resulted from a "moment of inattention" and occurred in good faith.

The case was dealt with non-judicially, and the allegations were not part of the public record. 

In comments Khuong made to Montreal newspaper La Presse, she suggested she went along with the non-judicial process in order to avoid media attention and "wasting time in court."

The board said they took issue with the comments and asked her to resign, but suspended her when she refused.

Khuong is claiming before the courts that the board had no right to suspend her.