07/27/2015 10:06 EDT | Updated 07/27/2016 05:59 EDT

Kyle MacDonald-Wolochatiuk killed in B.C. speed-flying accident

 Kyle Wolochatiuk often filmed his flights as he jumped off cliffs. He loved the sport, but on Sunday, he died doing it.

Wolochatiuk, 40, was killed soon after he took off from the first cliff of the Stawamus Chief near Squamish, according to the BC Coroners office.

Wolochatiuk was speed-flying, an extreme sport similar to paragliding. He hit a tree and fell about 500 metres.

Unlike paragliding, which uses a bigger wing, and skims along the air current, creating a slow gentle ridge, speed flying is faster, more thrilling and more dangerous.

Extreme sport began in Europe

It started in Europe in the 80s, with skiers, but over the years it evolved into an extreme sport that could be done with out snow or skies.

Wolochatiuk's death is the second of a speed flier on the Squamish Chief. In 2013, Jeff Beroia fell to his death.

 Coroner Barbara McClintock said it's took early to say if a policy change is warranted for the sport. Right now it's regulated under the same rules as paragliders.