07/28/2015 03:33 EDT | Updated 07/28/2016 05:59 EDT

B.C. Ferries names new vessels leaving name calling in its wake

After a choppy start to B.C. Ferries name search for their new ferries, three new titles were chosen today, in honour of West Coast Salish history and its legends.

The B.C. Ferries vessels Salish Raven, Salish Orca and Salish Eagle will soon be plying the waves, serving comfort food and diesel-scented travel memories to B.C. ferry-goers.

But it wasn't a simple sail into the sunset. At first the social media campaign backfired when the #NameAFerry hashtag was hijacked by people critical of ferry service and rising fares. 

Names on the original Facebook page ranged from insulting to profane:

- Queen of Delays

- Queen of Denial

- High Fees on the High Seas

- The Christy Clark Ark

- Queen of No Other Choice