07/29/2015 10:59 EDT | Updated 07/29/2016 05:59 EDT

Metrolinx rail bridge plan angers Davenport residents

Residents of a downtown neighbourhood where a new rail bridge is being planned say Metrolinx hasn't given them enough information about the project, or options.

Metrolinx wants to start building a new rail bridge this fall to replace its north-south rail lines in the Davenport and Yonge area so it can run trains more regularly on GO Transit's Toronto-Barrie line — an expansion that was announced by the province in April.

People who live near the rail corridor, however, aren't happy with the idea and said so at a Wednesday night public meeting with transit and government officials.

"Metrolinx has decided they're building a bridge and they're prepared to talk about that … but other options, no," said Kevin Putnam, of the Junction Triangle Rail Committee.

"They won't give us information like their planning study, what led them to think it's the best option," he added.

Putnam and others have asked Metrolinx to consider building a tunnel for the GO Transit tracks, but Metrolinx says that would cost around $650 million in comparison to $120 million for a bridge.

David White, of the group Davenport Options, calls it a "super bridge" which he said "at its highest point would be three stories high and tower over people's homes."

Ontario Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca and Davenport MPP Cristina Martins were in attendance at the public meeting to hear the public's concerns.

Martins cautioned it's still "early on" in the project and said there will be more negotiations in the future. She said she and the city have already asked Metrolinx to delay work that was set to begin in September.

"There's going to be a lot of debate and discussion around this project," she said.

Metrolinx has agreed to delay its start by a month.