07/29/2015 06:16 EDT | Updated 07/29/2016 05:59 EDT

Pop-up retro arcade launches in East Vancouver

When the manager of East Vancouver skating company Landyacht Longboards was faced with a big, empty room during store renovations, he transformed it into the only thing that made sense to him: a pop-up arcade.

The arcade, which opened its doors in early July, is filled with pinball machines that range from the beloved Addams Family to the more modern Wizard of Oz machine that has a high-definition monitor and digital stereo sound.

Classic video game machines like Ms. Pac-Man and Donkey Kong are also featured.   

"The fun thing about arcades is the culture behind them," Landyacht Longboards manager Jeff Rodomsky told CBC's On the Coast.

"It attracts a huge variety of people from … younger folk who are just interested in looking at the machines to older people who it's a throwback for."

"It brings together a bit more of a culture whereas I feel like sitting at home and playing video games is more introverted."

Rodomsky, who loves classic pinball machines, says the arcade has proven to be quite popular. 

Most days, it would be visited by people from the neighbourhood or surrounding businesses, people getting off work, and couples on their first date.

The arcade, located on Union Street in Vancouver, will be opened until October.