08/05/2015 02:46 EDT | Updated 08/05/2016 05:59 EDT

Invermere cyclist with no ID in coma after being found at the side of the road

Police in Invermere, B.C., are looking for the public's help to solve a mystery after a man in his 20s was found unconscious,seriously injured and lying near his mountain bike without any identification.

The man was discovered Saturday night on Kpokl Road by a couple passing by. He was flown to Foothills Hospital in Calgary where he remains in an induced coma.

"Normally everyone carries identification, a wallet or even a cell phone, and we have none of that," said Staff Sgt. Marko Shehovac of Columbia Valley RCMP.

The local detachment has received no calls of a missing or overdue man and RCMP are asking other detachments in B.C. and Alberta if there have been any reports filed.

The man appears to be in his 20s, has short black hair and a goatee. He was riding a black Norco 27-speed mountain bike, and had a backpack with hiking boots, said Shehovac.

The area where the man was discovered is in a new development in Invermere and he was found at the end of a downward slope.

Shehovac says police think the man may have lost control of his bike and hit his head on a rock, but they don't know. The front tire was flat and it doesn't appear as if the bike was hit by another vehicle or another bike. The cyclist was not wearing a helmet. 

RCMP were unable to immediately provide an image for identification, due to the nature of the man's injuries.