08/06/2015 01:30 EDT | Updated 08/06/2016 05:59 EDT

RCMP identify mystery cyclist found unconscious in Invermere

​RCMP have identified the man found unconscious and seriously injured in Invermere B.C. and now in Calgary's Foothills Hospital as Jacob Daniel McNeil of the Invermere area.

McNeil, 25, was found by a couple on Kopkl Road, laying near his mountain bike without a helmet with serious head injuries. He has been put in an induced coma.

McNeil was moving around and staying with various friends so no one noticed he was missing until the story hit social media. 

"We determined that he is a local male. The confusion we had on trying to identify the male was that he wasn't living at home, he was living with friends," said  Staff Sgt. Marko Shehovac of Columbia Valley RCMP. "He just moves around a lot so nobody was really concerned. As a result of the media and Facebook, being out there, someone phoned us last night and said, listen, I think I know who this fellow is."

Police hope to speak with him when he wakes up. Shehovac says McNeil was on a mountain bike, going down a steep hill and unable to make the turn when he crashed.