'Super Mario Bros. 3' Was A Stage Play The Whole Time, Creator Reveals

09/10/2015 07:25 EDT | Updated 09/11/2015 11:59 EDT

Did Mario really kill Bowser at the end of "Super Mario Bros. 3"?

No. It was all an act.

That was just one of a series of facts that Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto revealed on Thursday, one day before Nintendo releases new game "Super Mario Maker."

The truth bomb came via a video titled "Mario Myths with Mr Miyamoto" that was posted to Twitter on Thursday.

At one point, Miyamoto was asked, "Was 'Super Mario Bros. 3' all just a performance?"

To which he nodded yes. And it makes total, perfect sense.

Recall the opening, when a curtain goes up.

And the blocks Mario stood on, which looked like they were bolted to a wall.

(H/T Game Informer)

And how the background changed, as though Mario was walking off stage.

In other words, we were playing a play this whole time.

The theory that "Super Mario Bros. 3" was all just a stage play was advanced by an infographic that circulated on the Internet recently, Game Informer said.

As Shakespeare might have said: all the game's a stage, and Mario and Luigi merely players.

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