Sidney Torres' French Quarter Task Force Could Be A New Model For Future Policing

11/12/2015 11:53 EST | Updated 11/12/2015 11:59 EST

It wasn't until thieves broke into Sidney Torres' home that the New Orleans' businessman realized crime in the city was getting out of control.

The home invasion gave Torres' a first-hand account of the issues facing the city's affluent French Quarter neighborhood: emergency response times that took over an hour, a police department lacking the trust of its people, and a crippling hiring freeze on police officers.

So Torres took the law into this own hands.

But rather than don a cape and cowl like a Mardi Gras Batman, Torres channeled his wealth like a modern-day Bruce Wayne into a partnership that bridged the people and the police.

And Torres' results have been unquestionable.

For more on how one man managed to pave the way for a new model of policing, watch his interview with Ryan Duffy up top.

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