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The 25 Best Songs Of 2015

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Ollie Millington via Getty Images
Ollie Millington via Getty Images

2015 was the year that Canada took over the music world and pop became the new alternative.

The year that one-named lady from London, Adele, returned to save the CD business by breaking seemingly unbreakable sales records and The Weeknd turned his dark, drug-fuelled opuses into singalong pop smashes.

It was the year that Justin Bieber found redemption by accepting Skrillex as his lord and saviour while Drake followed-up his tough-as-nails Meek Mills beef by dad-dancing in a sweater and singing about cell phones.

The year that Rihanna never left the radio despite not releasing an album, Kendrick Lamar soundtracked the Black Lives Matter movement and Buffy Sainte-Marie rocked out to became the first septuagenarian Polaris Prizewinner.

It was a very good year.

Here are the best songs of 2015.

Best Songs of 2015
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